Custom printed cooler boxesWhat does an environmentally conscious importer of caviar do to get their exceptional, delicious product to their customers without using EPS foam coolers? They call Salazar Packaging and together they design a Globe Guard® cooler box that will ship safely and economically and is 100% reusable, recyclable and/or biodegradable if it ends up in a land fill. The nice people at wanted a box that is consistent with their approach to the market and environment, and they found it.

Three Different Types of Available Globe Guard Cooler Boxes

The chart below shows the three options we have available for various situations. Our stock cooler boxes are premade, fully assembled and ready to ship when ordered. Our standard boxes are made to order using readily available box sizes in Kraft. The thickness of the foam insulation can also be customer specified. The custom cooler boxes we offer can be white or Kraft, any exact size you need, with or without custom printing.

cooler box graphPromoting the Black River Caviar Brand

The client discovered making the change to custom printed, custom size cooler boxes was easier and less expensive than anticipated. The onetime cost of their one-color print plate and the add-on for a one-color print for their four different box sizes was minimal when compared to the cost of specialty labels and the labor to apply them. Every box going out the door has the same consistent quality message about their brand and their process.

Please contact us via email at Globe Guard Products or call us at 815-609-3600 if you have any questions about any of our cooler box types or sizes. We are confident we have a product and program that will fit you perfectly.

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Available cusotm printed with 25,000 minimumGlobe Guard has offered and stocked unprinted poly and paper, padded and unpadded mailer envelopes for years and they are all available custom printed as well with varying MOQ’s. We have now added paper board “rigid” mailers for shipping products requiring additional protection, and they too are available branded and custom printed with your artwork.

Peel and seal strip is standardStock Rigid Mailer Sizes

These rigid mailers are standard with a peel and seal adhesive strip so they do not require taping, and the recipient will appreciate the easy open tear strip. The sizes that are in stock and available immediately are:

6” X 6” – 18 point mailers ideal for CD’s

6” X 8” – 24 point mailers perfect for gift cards

7” X 9” – 26 point mailers for small photos and greeting cards

9” X 11-1/2” – 26 point mailers ideal for 8-1/2” X 11” photos

9-3/4” X 12-1/4” – 26 point mailers ideal for certificates and documents

11” X 13-1/2” – 26 point mailers ideal for promotional materials

12-3/4” X 15” – 26 point mailers perfect for calendars

12-1/2” X 9-1/2” – lightweight, 14 point horizontal mailers for printed materials

All of these stock sizes are available on an introductory sale that runs through May 31, 2015. No promo code needed.

Easy Open tear strip is standardCustom Size and Custom Printed Rigid Mailers Also Available

We are able to provide you with beautiful custom printed mailers up to six colors with photo quality images. I would dare to say that your graphic artist cannot come up with a design that we cannot produce. The minimum for custom branded rigid mailers is 25,000.

Please contact us at Globe Guard Products or call us at 815-609-3600 if you have questions or need samples of our plain or custom printed rigid mailers. Also, keep in mind, the introductory rigid mailer sale on our green packaging store runs through the end of May, 2015.

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12-9-4 and 11-7-3 semi-custom printed mailersOur “semi-custom” boxes make it easy to get custom printed boxes to market, quickly and at minimal cost. Our client is able to avoid the cost and delay of having a custom cutting die made by using one of our available stock cutting dies. Some items like box design or even board thickness are pre-determined by the cutting die on hand, but the client still selects the board and ink colors for their graphic design. selects a size

Pooch Party Packs was ready to launch their new subscription box for dogs and after considering many options, they agreed our very popular 12-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 4” box is the perfect size. The box style is a secure front lock die cut mailer with dust flaps, and our cutting die is set up for standard B-flute board.

They were in need of a good graphic artist with packaging experience and we supplied the name of one with a great recommendation. The resulting design was an eye catching outside print on Kraft with cute graphics in red. Within two weeks of us receiving final art, the customer’s finished boxes were on a truck and on their way.

Other 12-9-4 semi-custom printsOpportunity Knocks – semi custom printed packaging answers the door

Unexpectedly the nice people at Pooch Party Packs had a new opportunity and were in need of a smaller box for a special promotion. Fortunately we had available a cutting die that makes a slightly smaller 11” X 7” X 3-1/2” mailer box but is otherwise identical. Having already been through the process once with art and color approvals, we were able to quickly adjust the graphics from the larger box to fit the smaller one and had their new box ready to ship in record time.

We may not have a cutting die on hand for every application and size but the variety and selection we have helps us to satisfy 90 to 95% of the applications that come our way. Give us a call at 815-609-3600 or email Salazar Packaging for more information.

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  • Geami Green Wrap Ready Rolls are Still Available

    white on Kraft demoOne of the impacts of “dimensional shipping rates” (DIM Weight) is that it became ridiculously expensive to ship large but lightweight boxes. No one wants to spend $40 to ship a $30 product.

    We knew this would have a negative impact on some of our customers who ship lightweight, bulky products such as bedding, pillows, etc. However, it also hurt a few of our vendors, for example – Geami who is best known for their Green Wrap Ready rolls of incredibly protective and very ecofriendly paper.

    The colorful rolls of pre-expanded material were a customer favorite but shipping them via UPS, FedEx, or USPS became cost prohibitive. Gone is the variety of colors but we still have two great options available for you:

    Geami Ready Roll Ex Box

    This is the perfect solution to overcome the dim weight and rate issues because the material inside is not pre-expanded, so it is very compact to ship. One case of Ex Box material is the equivalent of five cases of the old pre-expanded paper (750’ per case compared to 150’ per roll) which makes it affordable to use and to ship. The following video shows how the Ex Box system works so you can see how easy and convenient it can be.

    It is available on our Globe Guard® green packaging store in either white interleaf tissue on BROWN die cut Kraft paper, or in white interleaf tissue on WHITE die cut Kraft paper. Both are stock items and currently ship anywhere in the continental USA via UPS ground service for a very low $10.00 per case.

    You tube

    ExBox in stock and available at
    Geami Pre-Expanded Rolls

    For those who really prefer their Ready Wrap rolls pre-expanded, we are able to provide white interleaf tissue on Brown Kraft die cut paper, however, the minimum quantity is one pallet/ 25 rolls. You will not find that product on the store because the shipping cost varies greatly depending on where it is shipping and the delivery requirements at the ship-to address. If you are interested in learning more about this product, please call our customer service team at 815-609-3600.

    As always, we will continue working with our vendor partners to supply you with the best and greenest packaging products at the lowest possible cost. You can contact us via email if you prefer and we can also discuss other internal and protective packaging options as well including partitions, die cut dividers, molded pulp and molded foam

    If you prefer, please contact us via email at Globe Guard Products.

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    The Ravine book and braceletWe are always proud of the work we do and if it is not right, it simply does not ship to our customers. There are times however, especially when we are working with a non-profit organization that are even more careful than usual about board quality, color matching, and overall workmanship. We also take a little extra pride in the finished product because we know it is helping a good cause.  

    As their web site points out, today over 3,000 men or women will join the three million people who are incarcerated in the United States. The statistics are astonishing and depressing, making this national problem appear to be beyond repair.

    Time 4 Forgiveness is an organization of people determined to reverse that tide by developing greater understanding through a book they offer inmates, The Ravine. You can learn more about the book at their web site and if/when you read the book, you will understand the need to share it with others, especially the men and women who live in prison.

    One color, reverse print on white of 9-6-2 boxSemi-Custom Branded Packaging

    They needed a shipping container to mail out books and our very popular 9” X 6-1/2” X 2-3/4” was the perfect size to accommodate multiple copies of the paperback book they distribute. Without the cost of delay of a custom cutting die, we were able to get custom printed mailer boxes to them within a couple of short weeks, just in time for their launch.

    The process is designed to be fast and simple, especially for first time buyers of branded packaging. Each step is designed to be efficient to minimize cost, and precise to avoid any mistakes. Others may attempt to make custom printed branded packaging an incredibly difficult and expensive task but most of our customers are pleased to find out the cost, in many cases, is actually lower due to increased purchase quantities. Remember the minimum for custom printing boxes is 1,000, so the net end result can be a lower cost per box compared to that unprinted stock box they have been using.

    2 colors screened on whiteDeadlines and Objectives Met

    Whether the challenge is a product or web site launch date, a costly trade show, or an important customer presentation, we can usually help you make it happen.

    Contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 815-609-3600 do discuss your specific needs.

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    9-6-2 custom printed red on white boardWe have had the privilege of helping to create many sharp, unusual boxes but this may be one of our best. Check out to see some of the coolest Anime products available from Japan.

    Perfect Semi-Custom Branding Application

    It turned out our 9” X 6-1/2” X 2-3/4” box was the perfect size so we were able to help them save money and time. A new cutting die for a custom size can cost hundreds of dollars but in this case, the time we saved was even more valuable because of a show deadline they were trying to make. Not having to make a cutting die meant we could make their print plates and their boxes, and were able to ship the order within two weeks of approved art. They received their boxes in time and their product and packaging were quite a hit at the show.

    great looking shippable boxesDo we have the size you need?

    Probably; because we now have over forty dies and box sizes available for you. Keep in mind the mailer boxes shown on the store are only the ones we decided to make and stock. If you tell us what size you think you need, we will gladly give you three or four available sizes that are in that same range. And if we do not have anything close, we may even consider adding it to our inventory, if we think the size will fill a void in our line up and the size will have broad appeal to others.

    The Subscription, E-Commerce Shipping Box Specialist

    With well over one hundred boxes launched (see our gallery), we have the experience and resources to help you with yours. Printing inside or outside? Kraft or white board? Custom molded pulp, molded foam, molded plastic or die cut corrugated inserts are available as well. So essentially, whatever you need, you can find in one company.

    Please email Salazar Packaging or call us at 815-609-3600 for answers, details and samples.

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    Cooler Shipping Box Season is Almost Here!

    stock, standard and custom cooler boxesIf you are in one of the many areas of the country who have suffered through unusually nasty winter weather this year, it may be hard to believe spring is only a few weeks away. For us in the Midwest, spring is often times a very short season because we tend to fast track right into summer.

    So for all of you who ship perishable products ranging from medicine to meals, the time to review your temperature controlled packaging need is now. The good news is that our stock cooler boxes are on sale through March 31, 2015.

    We are pleased to offer three distinct categories of cooler shipper boxes :

    1. Stock cooler boxes – these are ready made and on the shelf so they can ship out immediately. There are currently only four sizes available but we plan to add more. They are on sale and available in low, one case quantities.
    2. Standard size cooler boxes – these are non-stock and made to order with a 200 minimum. There are eight sizes that fall into this category and they utilize standard or stock box sizes.
    3. Custom size cooler boxes – these are not only custom size boxes made to your exact specifications, the biodegradable foam inserts are also made to order and the boxes can also be custom printed with a low 500 minimum for larger boxes and 1,000 boxes for smaller size shippers.

    The program is not as complicated as it may appear and we are more than eager to answer any questions you may have. This are ideal products for anyone who seeks an eco-friendly alternative to EPS Styrofoam coolers.

    Please contact us at Globe Guard Products or call us at 815-609-3600 for more information.

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    EZ Green Pak - packaging paper solutionEZ Green Pak, is a terrific packaging product that saves packing time and labor. It has been a very popular product on our green packaging store and now thanks to a new program we created with the manufacturer, we are pleased to offer this with one low, flat price plus free shipping.

    There are two different versions of EZ Green Pak for different applications:

    Standard EZ Green Pak

    • 30# Kraft paper
    • 14” wide X 1,714’ long (2,000 square fee
    • 22 pound box that is 10.25” X 10.25” X 14.75”
    • NEW REDUCED PRICE: $45 per case with free shipping

    EZ Green Pak MINI (packed two rolls per case)

    • 40# Kraft paper each
    • Each roll is 12” wide X 340’ long (240 square feet)
    • Each box (sold 2 boxes per case) is 6” X 6” X 12-1/2”
    • NEW REDUCED PRICE: $36.00 per case with free shipping

    Please contact us at Globe Guard Products or call us at 815-609-3600 if you have any questions on either product. Also, please keep in mind there is additional savings available on full pallet (40 case) orders.

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    Choosing the Best Semi-Custom Box Size

    different semi-custom printed versions of 9-6-2 mailersThe Common and Uncommon Box Sizes of Semi-Custom Branded Packaging

    A quick visit through our green packaging store or our gallery will show you some of the most popular sizes we have for subscription and e-commerce applications. The available sizes include but are not limited to our:

    5-13/16” X 5-3/4” X 1-15/16” – ideal for jewelry and other small items

    7” X 7-1/8” X 2-1/4” a great size for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and even E-juice packaging for shipping

    9” X 6-1/2” X 2-3/4” – a very popular size for subscription boxes of all types

    12-1/4” X 9-1/4” X 4” – our new large capacity lock front, die cut mailer that is ideal for shipping anything from full size snack foods to pet toys.

    All of these sizes and more are all available to our customers who use our stock dies to make their custom printed boxes, saving time and money in the process.

    Custom printed 11-8-1 mailerAn Uncommon and Unusual Example of a Semi-Custom Size and Design

    One of the most unique designs we have is what we refer to as our label mailer that is 11-1/8” X 8-5/8” X 1” and what makes it unique is that it can open horizontally like a low profile jewelry box or vertically like a book. We originally created it for a shipper of expensive label stock but since then this box has been used to ship anything from tee shirts to award plaques. It is very well designed and virtually crush proof making it safe for brochures, documents and valuable specialty papers.

    Our Next Stock Size Could Be Yours.

    We are always looking for a new stock size to add to our cutting die and perhaps our stock mailer box inventory. Even if your needs are unique, let us know because if it has the potential to be used by other customers and if we do not already have a very similar size, we might be interested in adding it to our available list, making it free to you. When in doubt, or if you are curious if we can make the size you need, please call us at 815-609-3600 or contact us at

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    Internet saleThese paper mailer envelopes are one of our most popular products for e-commerce because they are ecofriendly and a great packaging solution for everything from apparel to paperback books. Most of our tee shirt and clothing shippers use our mailer envelopes to reduce container, void fill, and shipping cost, compared to RSC and die cut mailer boxes. Now through February 28th, we are pleased to offer this product line at a minimum of 10% off our regular low prices.

    What Makes Unpadded Paper Mailer a Green Packaging Solution?

    Whether you monitor waste by weight or by volume, our mailers are light weight, can be compacted easily and can be recycled anywhere paper waste is gathered. They are 100% recyclable and most (the Kraft ones) are even made of 100% recycled content including 90% post-consumer waste (PCW). They are a much greener alternative to plastic mailer bags and envelopes and nearly as water resistant.

    Kraft or white custom printed mailer envelopesTwo Styles and Two Colors Available

    Our mailers are available in natural Kraft (brown) or white. Different mailer envelope sizes are also available in flat or gusseted which expand into a three dimensional envelope to better accommodate varying product thicknesses or weights.

    All of them feature the “peel and seal” strip for fast closure that eliminates the need for additional tape. They are also packed in cases for easy, compact storage, ideal for office or home based businesses.

    Custom Printing in Small Volume Quantities

    One of the things people love most about this product line is the fact that it can be custom printed in a very low one case quantity. You do not have to order thousands to have them branded and the typical art/plate cost is $125 or less. It is a very economical way to get into branded packaging, even for start-up companies.

    Samples Available Upon Request

    If you are not sure they are right for you, simply let us know what size(s) you are considering and we will be glad to send you samples for your review. We will also be glad to answer any questions you may have if you contact us at Globe Guard Products or call us at 815-609-3600.

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