Using a good, green product for void fill and cushioning applications has never been easier because EZ Green Pak is efficient and it saves space. Kraft paper rolls have long been a favorite of economy and environmentally minded customers but let’s face it, they tend to be difficult to handle or move, and dispensers are expensive and can take up a lot of space on busy, cluttered packaging stations. However, the biggest drawback of using these excellent green packaging products is that they can be difficult to work with because they have to be manually “scrunched” resulting in cuts and tired hands for packers.

How EZ Green Pak makes packers more efficient

As the 30# Kraft paper is pulled from the compact, convenient dispenser box, it is formed into a usable, moldable tube of paper. This saves time as well as wear and tear on packer’s hands.

In addition, the dispenser box’s vertical design saves valuable work space when in use and can quickly and easily be stored out of the way when not needed. Another way to is utilizing the optional wall mountable box holder that holds the EZ Green Pak dispenser box completely out of the way while delivering a smooth flow of paper to the packer.

The Perfect Solution for Packaging with Paper

EZ Green Pak is ideal for home based businesses, seasonal businesses, eBay sellers, Etsy sellers or anytime you have limited space and would prefer to avoid using peanuts and/or bubble packaging.

Larger volume packing operations may discover their usage has grown but they can still not qualify for an automatic or powered paper dispensing system, making EZ Green Pak the ideal bridge to a more automated, long term packaging solution.

The reasons to use EZ Green Pak are many and vary but the one thing all of our customers agree on is that it saves space and money by reducing damage and improving productivity.

EZ Green Pak is a stock item at and available on sale through December 31, 2012. Shipping is also free, making it a great buy.

You can always contact Salazar Packaging if you have any questions and as a special additional promotion, while quantities last, you can get a free wall mountable box holder with the purchase of five cases.

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