eco friendly inflatable air pillows

Which Box Would You Rather Receive?

There are few void fill options available that are as economical to use as our inflatable air pillows. Our eco minded customers love them because they are also available in two, very green styles.

100% Recycled Content

Our inflatable air pillows are available with our Globe Guard brand printed on them so everyone receiving a box packed with them quickly sees they are a green product. Not only are they made of recycled plastic material, they are also recyclable again as a polyethylene (PE #4) product.

100% Biodegradable

These are available with the Earth Aware logo and brand printed on them, indicating they are made of oxo-biodegradable film. An additive has been blended into the film that accelerates the degradation process that normally occurs in most waste situations

Both Products Are REUSABLE

So much focus is placed on their green (recycled content or biodegradability) benefits that we often forget that these pillows are usable over and over again. They have been shown to hold their shape and contain the air for weeks and even months so they are often shipped over and over again.

globe guard inflatable air pillows

Save Warehouse Space!

Other Eco Benefits

Before they are inflated they are incredibly compact (see box in photo) so inbound shipping cost and carbon footprint are minimal. They also take up very little warehouse or floor space until they are in use and are incredibly clean to ship and to receive. In terms of productivity, the system is capable of producing up to 50 pillows per minute so our inflatable air pillows will minimize your labor cost as well.

Our pillow system does require a piece of equipment to inflate them which is available at no cost if you meet the minimum material usage requirement. Typically, that minimum is easily met by most customers shipping 40 to 50 boxes per day on average.

If you are interested in a no cost evaluation or cost estimate, please contact us.

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