Earth DayIf you are in the green business as we are, it is easy to get caught up in the yearly hoopla and, at times, distorted perspective of Earth Day. Companies will often use this yearly focus on green to announce a new sustainable policy or program, or perhaps launch a new green product.

However, Earth Day is not about corporate initiatives, products, or even carbon footprints. It is really about a very large and diverse group of people who contribute time and talent in an effort to create a greener and better Earth for the next generation.

This year I thought I would do something different — highlight three people who have made and are making a unique and substantial difference in the worldwide effort to preserve the environment. I shared these stores with three friends in the green media, and I am pleased to say they each have shared one of the stories with their readers.

Green Biz – A neat green story I found where I least expected to find one. I also consider them a reluctant green hero and a publicity shy corporation. Who would guess that either existed today?

Environmental Leader — A quiz of sorts about someone who played a key role in the very first Earth Day and continues to do so 41 years later.

Sustainable Is Good – Read about a lady who has written a book that has tremendous potential impact as she attempts to engage and involve the fastest growing population group in sustainability.

There are countless people and stories that deserve to be shared, and it was difficult to select only three. I also have to acknowledge and thank the three excellent green-focused web sites above that understand we all have something to contribute, and for allowing me to do so from time to time.

Happy Earth Day!

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