Stock paper tube packagingSince launching the new Retail Packaging section on our green packaging store and adding our stock paper tube packaging as the first series of products, the response has been very encouraging. To maintain that level of interest, we are pleased to announce that all three of our new stock tubes are on sale through the end of July 2013!

Paper tube packaging for candles and a lot more

Even though the most popular application for paper tube packaging has historically been the candle industry, it is closely followed by food products ranging from dried fruits to gourmet candies. Certainly any time a unique, eye-catching look is the objective, a round paper tube is a great and eco-friendly solution.

Available Sizes: In stock and ready to ship are the following:

To print and brand or not to print and brand? Custom paper tube packging examples

There are many factors we use to help customers decide which approach to tube packaging is best for them and one of biggest determining factors is volume.

Printed tube packaging typically has a 1,000 tube minimum but that can be even higher depending on the style, top and bottom closures needed, tube size and print requirements. Preprinting saves time (labor) and money (labels are not inexpensive); and sometimes the cost reduction can be huge depending on the labeling or tube decoration being eliminated.

However, if for example you have a number of different “copies” you want to print for a variety of products, flavors, scents, etc., preprinting may not be a practical option and solution. Hand labeling and decorating can also help you produce a home-made, natural look that is difficult to create with any automated process.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all regarding other available tube sizes or styles as well as bulk orders. We think this series of paper tube packaging is a great fit on and now we have made it more affordable with smaller minimums and a sale price through the end of August, 2013.

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