We are tickled pink, hot/dark pink that is, as well as bright green, orange, and light orange, to announce the addition of four new colors in stock and available.  In addition, we have added ten new versions of the black paper line that was launched late last year.

Previous Stock GreenWrap Colors       New GreenWrap Geami Colors

Brown on white                                            Black on black
White on White                                            White on black
Black on white

White on Gray                                              Black on Gray
Brown on Light Pink                                   Black on Light Pink
White on light Pink

Brown on dark/hot pink
White on dark/hot pink
 Black on dark/hot pink

Brown on Lavender

Brown on White                                           Black on Lavender

Brown on red

White on red                                                   Black on Red

Brown on green

White on dark green                                    Black on dark green

Brown on Pistachio

White on Pistachio                                      Black on Pistachio

Brown on bright green
White on bright green                                 Black on bright green
Brown on light blue
White on light blue                                      Black on light blue

Brown on dark/bright blue                        Black on dark/bright blue
White on dark/bright blue
White on Beige
Brown on beige                                            Black on beige

Brown on orange
White on orange
Black on orange
Brown on light orange
White on light orange
Black on light orange


Now in stock – a total of 43 color combinations!

This product is so attractive and enables such low cost color branding that one tends to forget how great it protects and how eco friendly it is compared to bubble packaging and other plastic based protective products.

Check out the great DELIVERED pricing on our Globe Guard® green packaging store and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to see a sample of any of our color combinations.

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