“Sometimes the best box for the job is no box at all”. People are often times surprised when a company that sells boxes discourages them for using boxes to ship their products. However, we are all about using the least amount of packaging and in many cases the ideal shipping container may be one of our mailer envelopes. Especially if you are shipping small non-fragile items or soft goods such as tee shirts, baby clothes, etc.

We are pleased to offer a complete selection of mailer envelopes including

Padded paper mailers – green and provide cushioning

Padded plastic mailers – 100% recyclable PE with bubble lining for protection

Unpadded paper mailers – our most popular mailer envelope, 100% recycled content and 100% recyclable

Unpadded plastic mailers – a heavy duty, attractive grade as well as a 50 to 88% recycled content grade for those who prefer it.

NOTE: ALL of our mailers are made 100% in the USA so you can be assured of consistent quality and performance.

 Current Sale on Unpadded Plastic Mailer Envelopes Extended to December 31, 2012.

Our premium mailer that is white outside/silver inside as well as our gray outside/black inside recycled version are available at a sizable discount, just in time for the busy holiday shipping time of the year. Both versions are 100% recyclable as LDPE #4 plastic waste.

Both items also ship for free through the end of the year and sample requests are welcome.

All Mailer Envelopes Available Custom Printed

The minimums vary greatly from one type of mailer to another but all of our mailer envelopes can be custom printed and branded for you. We can also custom print our tapes, and RSC shipping boxes as well as our corrugated die cut mailers.

Please do not hesitate to contact Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products if you have any questions on any of our products. We are always glad to discuss your specific requirements to help determine the best shipping container for you, your product and your customers.

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