iStock_000012667179SmallFor six years we have been a leading advocate of affordable and practical eco-friendly packaging and we now believe we have an even better platform from which to promote that approach and philosophy. We invite you to visit our newly re-designed web site and encourage you to browse around and let us know what you think.

Why “economical” sustainable packaging?

We are convinced in today’s economic climate, sustainable packaging MUST be affordable if it is to be implemented for the long term. There may have been a time when companies, especially large green companies, were able and willing to pay a premium for environmentally friendly packaging products, but that time has long past.

“Long term” is the other key part of that phrase which is why we typically do not promote flash in the pan, headline grabbing products that don’t have staying power and are not practical from a cost or capacity perspective. We would be thrilled if (for example) packaging could be made from corn husk waste but until it is practically affordable and readily available, you are not likely to see it as one of the many products we offer.

So the focus is on price?

Not at all. Our greatest benefit to our customers is our ability to help them focus on overall cost rather than price. That overall cost includes but is not limited to acquisition, shipping, storage and especially usage (labor) cost.

Of course, we review designs and specs to make sure they are economically viable in terms of source reduction and efficient from a design perspective. But, we also have enough experience in systems and processing to understand how a product is used determines the cost, not the price per bundle, box, roll, etc.

 Why does packaging sustainability require so many different products?

The answer is fairly simple – because applications and challenges come in so many different forms. Though some companies would like you to believe their products are the only and best product to help accomplish your economic and sustainability objectives, the fact is that there is no “one size fits all” solution.

That is really the advantage of working with a full service company that can approach a problem from a variety of angles, not just the sole product others have to offer. Browsing through our new web site you will see solutions in plastic, paper board, corrugated board, molded pulp, foam and even inflatable products. Few companies have that many options to satisfy your specific requirements.

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What is the biggest difference between the new and old site? 

We believe the new site presents a rather complex line of products, solutions and services, in a very clear and concise way. Key product areas such as flexible packaging, branded packaging and retail packaging are highlighted as well as sustainable packaging. We also do a much better job of describing our design and other services.

One of the challenges we all face is keeping a web site up to date, so the site now includes photos and information on several recently added products such as our Geami GreenWrap Ready Rolls, our EZ Green Pack Kraft paper in a dispenser box, our new Paragon stretch films that minimize the amount of film required with a 100% recyclable formulation and our ever expanding line of equipment designed to reduce material consumption and improve productivity. Another great addition is our line of temperature controlled packaging that includes totes, coolers and insulated shipping boxes.

As stated earlier in this post, your input and suggestions are very welcome. It literally took months of effort by several people to create the new web site and we know it will remain a “work in progress”. Please visit our new web site and let us know what we can do to make it an even better resource and tool for you.

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