We refer to these five boxes listed below as printers’ size boxes because they are designed to accommodate various configurations of 8-1/2” X 11” stacks of paper, brochures, etc.

Of course, they can all be used for shipping anything else that fits into them and they are some of the most popular RSC style shipping boxes sizes we stock on our green packaging store because of their wide appeal, even with customers who are NOT printers.

What are the board specs?

All of these boxes are made of our Globe Guard® 100% recycled content Kraft corrugated board. The grade is the industry standard of 32 ECT which satisfies most applications.

What are the stock sizes?

The five RSC shipping box sizes in stock and on sale are as follows:

GG50 – 11.25” X 8.75” X 4”

GG11 – 11.25” X 8.75” X 4.75”

GG44 – 11.25” X 8.75” X 8.75”

GG45 – 11.25” X 8.75” X 6”

GG46 – 17.25” X 11.25” X 8”

Can these sizes be custom printed?

ANY box we offer, whether it is an RSC style or a die cut corrugated mailer is available custom printed and branded. A onetime investment in a print plate is necessary and that cost varies depending on the size of the box, the area being printed and the number of ink colors. Minimums apply and also vary due to box size.

What other branding options do you have for people with multiple box sizes?

Volume may be the deciding factor but generally if you are using more than three or four box sizes, you may be better off using custom printed, water activated tape to seal your boxes.

It is relatively inexpensive and you don’t have to purchase multiple print plates to print your multiple size boxes. WAT (water activated tape) is greener, and does a better job of sealing corrugated boxes, protecting the products being shipped.

When in doubt which branding option is better for your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation application review.

The 20% off sale on these boxes is over at the end of this year on December 31, 2012 so place your order while quantities last.

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